G-Force Power 1500/1600 Badminton Rackets
G-Force Pro 2500/2600 Badminton Rackets
G-Force Lite 3500/3600 Badminton Rackets

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G-Force Power 1500/1600
Composition: Carbon Fiber
Flex: Medium
Weight: 85-89 gms
G-Force Pro 2500/2600
Composition: Carbon Fiber
Flex: Medium
Weight: 81-85 gms
G-Force Lite 3500/3600
Composition: Carbon Fiber
Flex: Medium
Weight: < 80 gms

Technologies used in G-Force  Rackets include:-

  • Extra Skill Series
  • Ultra Carbon
  • Dynamic Optimum Frame 
  • Aerotec-Beam System
  • High Tensile Slim Shaft


Quick Hands Play Style. Light Weight Rackets for Fast Play

The Extra Skill Series is the ultimate collection of badminton rackets for players who enjoy a lighter racket for fast reaction times and quick decisive play. Most of the models in this series include lighter frames and flexible shafts making the badminton rackets more active. 
Aerotec Beam System reduces the drag coefficient and improves the flexibility of the racket head. Gain better control of your racket as you produce advanced strokes and shots from the forecourt and the backcourt.

Made of ultra strong material, the racket has optimum rigidity to bear higher tension for exact and steady strokes. Made of rigid carbon fibers allowing for higher string tension. Risk of frame deformation is also minimized.

Dynamic-Optimum Frame
All round optimized design improves racket mechanical structure for more efficient attack and defense system.
The sweet point extends upward and the hitting point is moved higher. The effective defense area is enlarged for severe smash by dynamic optimum frame. The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.

Aerotec Beam System
Based on aerotec beam system, support of advanced calculation and gathered practicing data, the structure and shape of rackets frame section have extreme low drag coefficient and high intensity, to enable the players´ performance in various shots.

High Tensile Slim Shaft
The 7.0mm top slim shaft design provides extreme strength and easier free control. Perfect balance with racket weight and moving inertia and aerodynamics. High tensile slim shaft as the mainstay of power and skill, strictly and precisely release the intention of players, in a cohesive state of racket and the body.

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